Arden was a promising warrior of the Scoth desert tribe. While growing up he lived a life idealized by many nomadic youths. He quickly proved his worth to the tribe by leading a brazen attack against a heavily armed caravan inspiring his men and bring many riches to the tribe. As he rose in prominence within his tribe his tribe rose in esteem with the other desert nomads. They shared a lush oasis famous at least in their small corner of creation for water that brought peace to tired souls.

While the Oasis was in their custody they awoke to find the oasis transformed from a paradise to a scored pit. The minor god herself even murdered. The Other tribes blamed the Scoth and turned on them, vowing to hunt them till the last man. During the Final battle it seemed as even the desert was intent on erasing their existence as a storm not of sand but of obsidian glass descended upon the battle. Only a single glowing figure, Arden, emerged from that annihilating wind.

Arden wandered for day eventually being taken in by Arghan Div, a Ifrit lord who saw his potential. He trained Arden in his newfound abilities as well as sorcery, bestowing upon him many gifts. With Lord Div’s help Arden found evidence that the destruction of the oasis was but one link in the chain of death and misery that something seems intent on bringing about.

Since that day Arden has been tracking that force. Trying to hinder and stop its plans. He was too late to save The wander’s village but found a trustworthy ally. The trail has gone cold in Adrilankha. For now Arden has gone to Majipoor hoping to find someone with a lead to his enemy. He is attempting to make friends with farther reaching eyes than he has alone , never one to aim low his first target is the prince.


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