Since the beginning of Creation, I have stood against the darkness. I am the Guarding Star, who keeps back the Wyld. I am the Light burning away the shadows of death. Mine is the warding shield that protected a nascent Humanity from the depredations of my forebears, and my spear was the beacon that called the Gods to war. I am the Unconquered Sun, and you are my Chosen.

At the end of the First Age of Man the excess and madness I witnessed caused me to turn my face away in rage and disgust at the behavior of my children. Long have I ignored the world I gave to them. But no more. Now I look back to see a fallen Creation. A world on the brink of collapse. A world on the edge of death. A world in need of heroes. And in answer of that need I give to this world hope. I give it you. My champions. My Chosen. My Exalted. Go forth, and make the world a righteous place as you see fit.

A New Day Dawns

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